11 October, 2010

I got back from Illinois on September 29th and didn't have the motivation to post until now. But I did decide to make a purchase from good ol' Amazon as a reward for putting up with the excruciating, 24+ hour train rides and staying in the Midwest for two weeks.

By far, this is the most I've ever spent on anything Queen-related, let alone on something used. But this was extremely important.

Magic Years volumes 1-3 on DVD. I paid something close to $200 for them, but since we all know how readily available these are, I maintain that the price was worth it. The only criticism I have is that volumes 2 and 3 share a case. I mean, what the fuck is that all about? What I love the most about having these is that I can see the whole screen now. On my VHS tapes the picture hadn't been formatted and it always bugged me. What I love secondly is that the sound is a million times better. And third, I can watch these videos without worrying about them getting eaten in the VCR :-)

As you might be able to see in the background of that stunning picture, my 2003 Queen calendar is hanging up. I managed to take some of my collection with me back to Boston. Unfortunately, my poster got a tear in it, but it wasn't too bad. It now hangs next to the doorway to my kitchen. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my Queen polo shirt, though. I didn't post a picture in my shrine post because my brother, in his infinite wisdom, packed the shirt in a bag in the attic until I remembered that I even had it. I won't get into how I got it, but it's official Fan Club merchandise from the late '70's(?) so it's pretty special to me. ... And yes, it still fits. But I won't wear it since it's irreplaceable at this point.

At some point I think my father is going to ship the rest of my Queen stuff for me, but I'm not in a rush. Also not pictured in my shrine post were my DVD cases, because I'd left those at my mom's apartment for some reason, and she said she may have thrown them out. So I've decided that I will re-buy almost all of my CDs and DVDs starting in February 2011. Partly because it seems stupid to ask my dad to ship 30something empty CD cases, and partly because some of my CDs are over 10 years old and need replacing anyway. I anticipate that it will be a really fun project!