30 April, 2012

New stuff!

Rebuilding my shrine is slowly making progress. With the last of my Amazon giftcard from Christmas, I was able to get both Under Review DVDs and a used copy of The Early Years by Mark Hodkinson for less than $20. I've decided I have no qualms about used used books or DVDs, so long as they're in decent condition, but CDs need to be brand new... unless it's a solo album and it would be impossible to find it new, then it just needs to be in as-close-to-new-as-possible condition.

I've only watched In Review: 1973-1980 so far, but I'm really pleasantly surprised at how fascinating it is. It's nice to see a critical analysis of Queen's work that isn't totally biased in one way or another (i.e. nobody's said so far, "I don't like [this song/album/whatever], therefore it universally sucks" or, "Queen is the greatest band ever, therefore everything they've ever done is the best"). I'm really looking forward to hearing about 1980-1991 because I'd love to see those critical perspectives aimed at that body of work.

I haven't read The Early Years yet, seeing as how it just arrived this afternoon. I'm honestly not sure if I will. I also am not planning on reading As It Began. Both might very well be excellent reads, but as of now I'm not sure if I'll really get anything out of them. I won't be buying just any Queen-related books (this is me promising my future self) because I still have standards, but if I think there's a chance of learning something new I definitely will. Anyway, I skimmed through the pages and looked at the pictures. From what I can tell, it doesn't look like it'll be a terribly impressive read. Although I guess it only spans from 1969-1976, so it could be pretty quick.

When I first opened the envelope, I was annoyed to see that there was a giant $2.79 sticker covering Brian's face, but thankfully I could remove it without damaging the cover.

27 April, 2012

Now on Facebook!

Oh snap! Send me a friend request and get links to my latest blog posts, Queen-related Youtube clips I like, and another way I can talk to you guys!

22 April, 2012

Shrine rebuilding

Today I scored a bookshelf on craigslist for $15. Thankfully, my girlfriend was willing and able to help me pick it up despite having low blood sugar, and that involved more skill than I had anticipated. Not that it weighs a ton or has ridiculous dimensions, but if I had to move anytime soon I would sob at the idea of having to lug that thing again.

Anyway, the point is I can start rebuilding my shrine! I've even moved my posters because I'd rather have most of my Queen stuff all concentrated to one area rather than my entire apartment. Although I'll have to do some more shifting when I get my portraits from my father's house someday...

Everything's really sparse at the moment, but finally having a place to put my things is a massive relief. My bedroom closet was not a suitable place for my mini Red Special, for instance.

I cannot wait to add bits and pieces!!

20 April, 2012

Things that make That Guy sad

Awesome is getting into a band so good that you kind of hate them for having talent where you don't have it. In my case right now, it's Crooked Fingers.

I'll give you a bit to listen to that. You're welcome.

(side note: I'm always in need of new music, don't hesitate to send me recommendations)

What's not so awesome is an awesome band covering a Queen song and turning it into crap.

I'll give you a bit to listen to that. Depending on your opinion, I'm either happy to have made your life better, or I'm sorry for disappointing you.

It took me a week to figure out my opinion on this. I love the voice and - to a huge extent, the music. But there's something about it that makes me cringe. I think changing the lyrics plays a big role. I mean, why would they do that? And maybe more importantly, why was there no signature bass line?


I know this is really late, but WHY, Chris Evans??? WHY did you sell your Freddie-inspired Lotus??? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

For fuck sake! When you need to make room in the garage for a Lotus based on Freddie Mercury's most famous stage outfit, you sell one of your other cars! Good g-d!


Queen will be performing on American Idol again - this time with Adam Lambert.

I think it's wonderful that Brian and Roger are trying to appeal to their fans in North America, but American Idol is bullshit, Queen and Adam Lambert have no chemistry, and Steven Tyler is fucking creepy in a should-be-a-registered-sex-offender kind of way (I guess laws of consent have huge loopholes if you're in the rock industry?). And bringing up the rear is my ridiculous hatred for Ryan Seacrest! If it's about the money, I wonder how much is enough to overlook that kind of shit?


Right... so now that I'm sufficiently upset, I'm going to watch this video of Delilah being narrated by Peter Freestone to cheer myself up.