25 September, 2010

A few things

First, September 18th marks the 34th anniversary of Queen's free concert in Hyde Park, London.

Here's a really pretty link to go along with that since I really don't think this post can do the date justice. Although I do believe that the seventh and ninth pictures in are from 1977... Anyway, that concert needs to be released on DVD or Bluray or something. I'd totally get a Bluray player for that!

And today marks the 28th anniversary of Queen playing on Saturday Night Live. It's too bad that Freddie's voice was worn out the night before (see Phoebe Freestone's book for details). But still, Queen on SNL!

Thanks a million to gregsynthbootlegs for posting these videos!

And! And! And! That biopic about Freddie! The one that was scrapped in 2007! It's back on and Sasha Baron Cohen is going to play Freddie! You can think what you want, but this guy is a brilliant actor in my opinion. According to this article the film will probably focus on 1975 to 1985.

15 September, 2010

My shrine

I'm currently in my hometown in Illinois. I'm happy to say that my Queen shrine has been kept relatively intact, aside from my brother carelessly mixing some things up. So I took the liberty of cleaning and reorganizing it and taking pictures because, holy crap, my stuff is awesome. And they're thumbnails, so you can click to make them bigger.

Vinyl albums Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera, Jazz, three copies of News Of The World, and A Day At The Races. I already had one copy of NOTW and attached a newspaper clipping listing Queen as one of the 2001 inductees into the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. My grandmother recently began sorting through my late uncle's records and sent SHA, ANATO, Jazz, ADATR and the other two copies of NOTW to my dad's house for me.

VHS tapes. One taped copy of VH1 Legends, Magic Years volume 2, taped Magic Years volumes 1 and 3, Classic, Champions Of The World, Interview Sessions, Greatest Flix III, We Will Rock You, Greatest Hits, Live At Wembley '86.

My CD cases, part one.

My CD cases, part two. In Nuce, At The BBC, The Queen Symphony, The Queen Collection by The Royal Philharmonic, Live At The Bowl, Live At Wembley Stadium, In Vision, The Gold Collection, The Platinum Collection, The Freddie Mercury Solo Collection, Barcelona, unofficial interview CD.

 Painted glass portrait of Freddie Mercury circa 1977. Made by my uncle Mike.

2003 calendar.

Queen necklace.

Painted glass portrait of Freddie Mercury circa 1982. Made by my uncle Mike.

Queen plaque.

Painted glass portraits of Queen on the cover of Hot Space. Made by my uncle Mike.

Poster advertising their April 16 1974 show.

The rest, as you might know by now, is safe and sound in my apartment in Boston. ... And yes, I'm trying to figure out how much shipping all that stuff will cost.

05 September, 2010

Would you still need me, would you still feed me...

Today is Freddie Mercury's 64th birthday! I've had a lot of other stuff going on lately so I have nothing pretty or eloquent to say, except that I'm sure Freddie and Jim are celebrating together and having a blast. And I will probably do what I always do today: watch my videos. Nothing too elaborate or exciting, I know. But

Here's a link to the video, Living On My Own For those not in the know, Freddie recorded his 38th birthday party to use as a music video... and the guests weren't entirely aware (except David Wigg and Jo Dare). Did you spot Brian in the beginning walking in with his then-wife, Chrissie?

Also, a friend of mine, by pure coincidence (I think?), sent this to me on Facebook around midnight EST. For those who cannot read Freddie's handwriting, there's a transcript in the link.

... I just spent several minutes trying to find a picture of Freddie with his Rolls Royce birthday cake. Google has failed me. Oh well, maybe next year.