27 October, 2011

Who's the superior songwriter?

I was looking through my iPod, as I very often do, and so far, the majority of my Queen cover versions are all originally written by Brian May. It's making me wonder who, out of Freddie, Brian, Roger and John, is the better songwriter?

Forgetting for two seconds that my favorite band member is Freddie, I'll have to really think about it. My answer will probably change depending on my mood, but I think right now I'd have to say John is my favorite - and not just because he deserves to be recognized for his talents and contributions to the band. I think what seals the deal is Spread Your Wings. Yes, Brian has Leaving Home Ain't Easy, but Spread Your Wings seemed to capture how I felt growing up and feeling trapped in the Midwest.

I wonder who your favorite writer is and why? Wait, before you answer, I want to level the playing field a little and completely remove Bohemian Rhapsody from the list of reasons you might pick Freddie. Freddie may have written most of the hits, but that doesn't necessarily make him the better songwriter. Maybe the most commercially successful... but that doesn't really hold much weight in the world of pop music. [Note: I'm not one of those, "Bieber must die!" people. I just find his music insufferable.]

Aaaaaand go!

23 October, 2011

David Martel and other stuff

So I was asked to write a post about David Martel's Queen Extravaganza audition (hi, Jonathan!). I'm really not sure what to say other than I think I prefer Marc's voice over David's. I mean, he's talented and all, but that's not where my preference is.

Honestly, I've not been paying that much attention to Queen stuff in the last couple weeks, so this post is short. I mean, yeah, Queen have won yet another award and Freddie's Asian heritage is coming to light (seriously, great article). That's all great, but there's not much there for me to comment on.