30 January, 2012

Tribute picture book

I ordered what I thought was going to be just a tribute concert poster, but it's actually a book filled with pictures and quotes. It's pretty neat! There is no author, but it was published in 1993 by International Music Publications Limited, and all profits go to AIDS charities. But I bought it used, so in my case, profits go to the previous owner.

It does make me sad, though, that the entire concert isn't available to the public for some reason. The pictures are pretty fantastic, and it seems unfair for Queen Productions Ltd to not give full credit or acknowledgment where it is due.

26 January, 2012

Something I wrote last night

My girlfriend is British, but she's only just really taken an interest in the band Queen. She thinks my adoration over Freddie Mercury is adorable. Every time she says it, I keep warning her that she really has no clue how serious I am as a fan. I haven't even shown her the part of my collection that's kept in my closet until I can get a proper shelf for it!

We watched the video to Bohemian Rhapsody on Youtube, and afterward she exclaimed, "Oh! That explains that poster you have hung up next to your kitchen door!"

My head reeled for a moment. Maybe it's because that song and video were such huge staples in my childhood, but I assumed the image of the band - their faces peaking out of a black background in a diamond pattern, based on a photo of Marlene Dietrich and taken by Mick Rock - was common knowledge and probably talked about in grade schools right next to basic arithmetic.

We're in the process of teaching each other about the things we love. She's introducing me to Doctor Who and food that isn't prepared simply by microwaving it. I'm introducing her to the greatest band on the planet.

16 January, 2012

Q&A on Tumblr

Q: "what is your favorite freddie era and WHYYYY!" - my counterpart

A: Ooh, good one!

Probably the early 80’s? I want to say it seems like he had a better handle on his shit in terms of stage presence. Like sometimes I’ll look at his performances from the 70’s and I think he looked like he was being too careful and reserved - either out of self-consciousness, a need to show the critics that he was serious, or because of the high heeled boots. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m just glad he switched from heels and ballet flats to practical footwear with a bit more tread :-P


Q: "What's your favorite Queen album, and why? :)" - mothermercuryy

A: Queen II is my absolute favorite. For me, a fun thing to do is listen to it all the way through on an obnoxiously high volume because it’s just so full and big and amazing.


Q: "Hi, i love you url! Can you tell me what first song that makes you REALLY like queen? :)" - freddiebulsara

A: The first song that popped in my head without thinking about it was Don’t Stop Me Now. I know it’s not really cool to be a hardcore fan and love a track that couldn’t be called obscure by comparison, but I think it captures everything I really like about Queen. It’s a catchy melody, the harmonies are spot on, the guitar solo is SO AMAZING! It’s just dfklgjsdelgjs;dlfjgsdf;ljgdslsd;l…. I’m sorry, what were we talking about?


Q: "You said you wanted to talk so... Let's talk! What year(s) do you think Silver Salmon is *really* from?" - queenruinedmylife

A: Oh hot damn! You are an angel!

It sounds like it’s from the Queen I recording sessions to me. It most definitely has an early 70’s sound, and Queen I does represent what the band sounded like for the first three years… so yeah.

Now a bigger question that will probably never be answered: Why the fuck didn’t they do a studio recording of Hangman?!?!


Q: "Dragon Attack or Death on Two Legs???" - the12thdrbetterbeginger912

A: I honestly have no idea. Both are really raw and intense in their own ways - literally and metaphorically. I love Freddie’s ferocity and righteous anger in Death On Two Legs, and how he doesn’t apologize for it in the least.

Dragon Attack has a very wonderful, raw sound to it. At this point I might say I prefer this song just for the instrumental track. The drums are very clear and sharp, Brian wrote and recorded the guitar solo while drunk (see Mark Blake’s book), John’s bass playing here is almost as amazing as it is on A Day At The Races in terms of style and flair… Like, he’s always amazing. But he’s just in the background doing his “I’m just going to play the notes to blend in with the rhythm guitar section” thing, but then he plucks a few different notes, and even if they’re ridiculously simple, it’s still a definitive moment in the song for me. So yeah. I guess I’m in favor of Dragon Attack :-)


Q: "I think that Queen II is Queen's most amazing album. Which song do you like the best on that album and why? I think that the March of the Black Queen is the best song but White Queen and Ogre Battle are incredible as well." - belladonicbreeze

A: Queen II is my favorite album! I don’t know if I can pick just one song from it… Uh… at random I just thought of The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke.


If you have a question for me, you can email me, or ask me on Tumblr.

12 January, 2012

Tumblr burnout

I try to follow as many Queen blogs on Tumblr as possible - especially if they follow me first. I'm very flattered and excited that so many people seem to like what I have to say. But right now I feel like I'm the only one really saying anything.

I keep seeing GIFs and pictures and Youtube clips posted and re-posted, and sometimes it's really awesome and I enjoy it (the first time. But seeing it a billion more times in my dashboard gets really old really fast), but the scope of the conversation never goes beyond how "hot" or "perfect" the band members are.

The thing is, I'm not a teenaged fangirl. As an adult, I realize my perspective on, well, everything, is drastically different from where it was when I was 13-19. But fangirls confuse and annoy me as much today as they did when I was a teenager - except this time we have similar tastes in music.

I miss talking about Queen. I miss talking to other people about the music. This was part of the reason I started this blog in the first place. This is why I get REALLY excited when I do get the odd comment. I want to engage in real conversations with you! You can agree with me about everything, or argue, or tell me I'm full of shit - but for fuck sake, let's talk! (thank G-d for my counterpart, because she's awesome in general and so good for that whole discussion thing)

Maybe in a very small way I understand why Roger wrote Fight From The Inside when the tracks he wrote before it seemed to have him missing his teen years. I listened to it earlier and realized as I nodded in agreement that I'm pretty much that old man telling the kids to get off my damn lawn... and I'm only 25! Only my yells would be something along the lines of, "will you just shut up about being born in the wrong decade?!" Not to mention that when I do post something where Queen can be brought up with my political beliefs, I feel like I'm talking down or yelling at everyone when I'm really just trying to offer my opinion.

I think I need to take a break from my "All Things Queen" Tumblr before I snap and leave it altogether. It was hard enough stepping away from Queenzone even though it was clearly the right thing to do. But I don't like having to walk away from parts of this community even if it does frustrate the shit out of me.

07 January, 2012

The Amazon gift card that keeps on giving

I'm still spending away on that gift card my grandmother sent me. I've used it to buy 40 Years Of Queen, a Queen pin, and a copy of As It Began by Jacky Gunn (now Smith) and Jim Jenkins. I've looked through it real quick and it looks like there might be interesting tidbits and things. It was published in 1992, so I'm honestly not sure if I'll learn anything new, but still! This isn't the kind of thing I could find in a book store or record shop today, so definitely worth it.

I still have money left on my gift card, too. I keep spending it on this kind of stuff because I know my grandmother would be pissed if I used it on anything absolutely necessary (I don't think my electric company or landlord take Amazon gift cards anyway).

05 January, 2012

That Guy's girlfriend rocks

My girlfriend (yeah, I'm surprised too) went on holiday to Manchester and London, England to visit family and sight-see from the end of December and just got back yesterday. When planning her trip, she asked me if I wanted anything. I told her that if she could find me a Sixpence, that would be really awesome, but no pressure. I felt stupid explaining to her why I would want something like that (Brian May used to use one as a guitar pick), but she told me she'd see what she could do. Sure enough, we're meeting a friend of hers for drinks and she presents us with souvenirs. I pull out a T-shirt with a distressed Underground logo and it's actually pretty cool! So I thank her and she said to look in the bag again. It looked like a laminated card from the back, and I turn it over to see that it's a Sixpence from 1963!!!

You guys. Omg, you don't even know! Well, if you're a Queen fan, I guess you do know. It's so bizarre for me to have romantic and casual partners who are not annoyed or threatened by my love of Queen (I've taken to telling people that I'm in a polyamorous and asexual relationship with their music). Even more bizarre, my girlfriend hails from England but doesn't have a trace of Queen on her iPod. I told her she was betraying her country.

My then-partner bought me the 18" Freddie Mercury action figure for Christmas 2006, and that was pretty awesome. Until he got annoyed that I was playing with it and ignoring him... and then his dad accidentally knocked it over and broke the microphone... And then I ended up having to leave it behind when I was unceremoniously thrown out of my then-apartment by a roommate whose name wasn't even on the damn lease (LONG story).

I miss the fuck out of that action figure, but I'm sure I will be able to buy another one someday. My ex has done things that I'm not ready to forgive, but it means the world to me that he bought it for me. But I'm much more appreciative of this Sixpence. Until I get a proper shelf to display all my Queen stuff, I'm going to keep it in the box that houses my mini Red Special. It seems very appropriate for the time being.

02 January, 2012


Throughout society, it's both socially acceptable and morally righteous to look down upon sluts. For some reason, monogamy is where it's at and g-d fucking help you if you're not planning to end up with only one romantic/sexual partner for the rest of your life. And that's including the "sowing wild oats" thing that's typically granted straight men assigned male at birth. "You're 18? Hell yeah! Go out and get laid. Fuck as many women as you can before it's too late and you settle down with The One." Whereas straight women assigned female at birth are typically told that any inkling of sexual desire that they have is wrong and they should be pure virgins because "men all want nice girls."

(I realize the above is heterosexist, but I strongly doubt society will progress to a point in my lifetime where queer men are encouraged to get laid, since even monogamous queer couples still have to bust their asses to justify their relationships to the hetero population)

Monogamy is not at all a bad thing. To want only one person to be everything you need and want in a partner is totally awesome and that also happens to be the default. If that doesn't appeal to you, you're either afraid of commitment, not ready to settle down, or - if you're a woman - you're a slut.

I used to make jokes about it. I used to use terms like "whore" and "slut" as insults. But then I got older, moved to the east coast, and met people of all sorts of genders and sexual orientations with all sorts of dynamics that veered a hard left from the norm. Queer, polyamorous, kinky, trans, gender variant, slutty people. People who live their lives and have the kind of sex they want with who they want (consensually and responsibly, with very rare exception) without shame or apology.

There's nothing wrong with having sex with multiple people. There's nothing wrong with one-night stands if that's your thing. There's nothing wrong with committed relationships involving more than two people. Hell, you can even fuck people without condoms or barriers if all involved test negative for all STIs and agree that that's an okay thing to do. If everyone's having a good time, communicating, and respecting each other, that's all that matters.

This goes especially for my followers on Tumblr: If you have a problem with sluts - that is, you make jokes or look down upon someone, or use it as a term intended to degrade someone - then you have a problem with Freddie Mercury. If you can't handle that, fine. But it's a fucking insult to callously toss the word "whore" at someone but then rave about Freddie's "perfection". Freddie was a slut, and in hindsight we can all agree that he and a good number of his sexual partners were pretty irresponsible about it by not using protection every time. But I guess he's not like those other whores, the ones who dress skimpy, do drugs, and throw themselves at everyone. No, Freddie was different because he was a cis man who made music (that's called patriarchy, kids, and is a really shitty thing). I'm not sure who decides which celebrities are the worst pieces of shit on the planet for acting however they want and who deserves utmost respect for acting however they want, but I can freely and comfortably admit that my biggest hero in life had faults. Freddie Mercury was, first and foremost, a human being. A human being who drank a lot, had a cocaine addiction, and probably had more going on than any of us will ever know. But at his core he was a generous, charismatic, nice, and very genuine person. I'm not cool with the drug use and the lack of condoms, but enjoying sex with as many people who are legally able and enthusiastically consent as desired is absolutely not a bad thing. And despite living in a culture that's quick to blame rape survivors for getting attacked by male rapists, everyone should have the right to wear whatever clothing they want without being judged.