25 February, 2013


This is pretty amazing! Thank you all! But there's been a change in plans...

Instead of 120 Tumblr followers, I'm only going to ask for 100! That's right! I will donate $10 to The Mercury Phoenix Trust if I get 100 followers by March 1st!

04 February, 2013

A request

As I write this, I have 87 followers on Tumblr (hi, folks!). I'd like to increase that number without putting forth a lot of effort, so I'm going to make it interesting.

If I get at least 120 followers on Tumblr by 12AM EST on March 1st (the date John Deacon joined Queen in 1971), I will donate $10 to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. I wish I could give more, but I'm too poor to put in any more than that. But if YOU are able to put in where I can't, they have a page telling you how to donate.

Also, you can send me a friend request on Facebook, but that doesn't have anything to do with the above. I'm just trying to promote myself while I'm at it.