15 July, 2016

Not an ideal filler post


Life in general has been really frustrating lately, and my plans for a relaxing late night have been foiled.

You guys.

My Queen wall fucking flooded.

My apartment building is prone to typical and not-so typical issues, but I guess this one was a major plumbing leak on the wall opposite where this side's kitchen sinks are. I didn't notice right away because that wall had been covered in posters. A couple hours after a neighbor asked me if I was having a similar issue and I thought I wasn't because I hadn't heard the distinct sound of water dripping, I noticed a few pictures I'd printed out onto standard printer paper had their colors running. Then I noticed bubbles beneath the paint.

THANKFULLY my posters didn't get destroyed. The back of my 2003 calendar has a stain, but the pages are all otherwise fine and none of the ink has run. The stuff that I printed out can always be printed out again at a later time.

To err on the side of caution, I've removed all my posters and relocated my shelf and box sets. Nothing on the shelf has been damaged or affected, which is excellent because some of those things are irreplaceable (like the rose that Freddie touched, my vintage ADATR sticker, etc.). My posters and calendar are sitting on top of my shelf and it's really stressing me out to have had to rearrange most of my furniture in a way I'm not happy with, and worry over my collection because my landlords are crap and won't take appropriate care of their properties.

In other news, I'm still in the process of reorganizing this blog and stuff.