05 September, 2015

Another "sorry I've been absent" post

Life's been busy and exciting, but don't fret! That Queen I review I've been promising for over a year (sorry, Toni!) is *still* in the works! It's one of those albums where I shift from "this album is terrific!" to "meh," and I don't want to put "meh" thoughts down if that's not always where I'm at. I feel like that would be a disservice and an insult to fans who might actually give a shit about what I think. But let's look at the positives:

- I never committed to any sort of regular schedule, so I'm not *technically* letting anyone down if I don't post right away!

- It's Freddie's 69th birthday! I don't think he'd be thrilled at being that actual age, but I can see him giggling over the '69' part all the same :-)

I don't think I'll be doing much to celebrate this year. I dressed up last year, and only then learned that the eyeliner I used to draw the mustache was annoyingly difficult to remove. But I'm sure that's a major selling point for people who regularly wear makeup for its intended purpose.