29 May, 2013

Please stand by

I'm feeling really down and uninspired, otherwise there would be a legit post here. Thanks in advance for understanding. Here's a video of Brian May walking out of an interview in Rotterdam in 2004/5(?).

09 May, 2013

7" Freddie Mercury figure by NECA

So NECA, for those who may not know, are the geniuses behind this:

And in 2006, they released another figure of Freddie circa 1986, in both 18" and 7". On Christmas 2006, I got the 18" one from my ex, and then it got knocked over. The microphone broke and I was crushed. Then later, due to drama I have no desire to get into here, I got kicked out of my house, and was forced to leave the figure, my fitted Queen hat, and my old Queen T-shirt behind (sigh). So I added both sizes of the Freddie figure to my Amazon wishlist and counted the days until the price went below $100. In 2006, it was about $50, then the price skyrocketed to about $190.

Finally, Amazon told me that there was a new figure priced at $85 with shipping and handling. I had just gotten a $20 giftcard, and sold my old smart phone, so I only had to pay a little over $30. It just arrived today :-)

The package is slightly bent, but not damaged. I am really tempted to break it out and play with it, but my friend Magan (hi!) talked some sense into me. So even though his fist is turned the wrong way, I'm going to ignore it. Even though I don't think I can. Still, I will try.