25 February, 2012

Days Of Our Lives DVD and other stuff

I now own it!

I'm still saving up for a Blu-ray player, though.

I also want to try starting the process of rebuilding my shrine in March. This will eventually involve traveling out to IL to get my stuff from my dad's house (all the more exciting because I don't own a car or drive). My closet is not a proper place for what cool shit I do have in my apartment! But my shrine will probably not be anywhere near as fucking badass as Andy's Queen Room.

I'm also planning on seeing Gunpowder Gelatine again on March 31st. I invited my girlfriend's roommate this time because I just recently learned that he's a Queen fan, and he's a cool guy in general. I really do love having local fans in my life! Well... I love having local fans who aren't really fucking annoying in my life.