13 May, 2012

More stuff

The other day I popped into Porter Square Books and found a copy of The Complete Illustrated Lyrics. They don't always have books about Queen, so it's special when they do (my only complaint about the store is they carry Dan Savage's book). It's nice to see samples of written lyrics that I haven't seen before - like A Winter's Tale and The Hitman. Also, the songs are all listed alphabetically rather than by album. I was initially annoyed by that, but I think it's growing on me because I could appreciate how each of Queen's albums are all different from each other.

I also finally watched Under Review: 1980-1991. I can't quite express a reason yet, but I liked 1973-1980 a lot more. Maybe because that one had a guy demonstrating some of Brian's riffs on guitar..? Maybe because it inevitably turned into The Freddie Mercury Show? I'm just saying, if they could take the time to talk about the Mr Bad Guy album - even though this series is supposed to be all about Queen, they could talk about Brian and Roger's solo projects as well. Maybe just mention that they'd done stuff on their own...

In other news, it's Mother's Day here. So here's a picture of some old lady!

For those who've been living under a rock, that's Jer Bulsara - Freddie's mum. So thanks, Jer, for raising my hero and allowing him to be the greatest thing ever in the whole, entire world!