25 October, 2014

I will immortalize you

What I desperately wish was the worst part of my date from the other night:

Guy: I *love* Broadway musicals!

Me: I've only been to one so far, but I didn't enjoy it. It was We Will R-

Guy: Stop right there! I loved it! How did you not love it??

Me: The story was flimsy, the pop culture references were forced, and the protagonist referring to her as "his woman" and that crap didn't sit well with me.

Guy: But that's how it was back then!

Me: The story takes place in the future.

Guy: ...

And then the rest of the evening continued to careen downhill for several reasons that had nothing to do with Queen.


As my friend/writing coach/pastor/fellow Queen fan Toni Amato always says: Never piss off a writer! We will make you immortal, and you will not like it!