16 September, 2017

What He Left Behind

I was hoping to find a physical copy of this somewhere, but no. Oh well. The Kindle app is free, and it wasn’t expensive. Still, I’m bummed I won’t get to physically add this to the book part of my collection.

11 September, 2017

FFAD post coming soon

Coming soon... On the outside...

Okay, I'm done.

FFAD in Boston was spectacular! I feel bad that I didn't do all that much but have been taking all week to recover and gather my thoughts. But a post is coming, and hopefully it will be marvelous!

01 September, 2017

RIP Play The Game app


I've been trying to find out what the hell happened with Soshi Games for over(?) a year. I'm really truly heartbroken that this really awesome app won't be completed. I'm also really annoyed that there seems to have been no announcement made anywhere else that I've seen.

Here's hoping we'll someday get another really great app that will actually be completed by a company that won't suddenly dry up!