27 June, 2010

That one probably shouldn't have moved beyond the "maybe" pile

Sorry for being absent. Life's been happening. I have nothing better to say at this time so here's a filler about fillers!

Yes, even Queen - musical geniuses that they were/are - wrote crap and still managed to sell it.

Take, for instance, Don't Try Suicide. The bass line is awesome as hell, but lyrically I think this fails hard. Not just because they're stupid, but it's hard to write a catchy song about such a controversial subject - and should probably never be attempted again. It sounds like Freddie had the musical structure down and eventually said, "Fuck it, whatever words I sing on this take are going on the record!"

I think I'd rather he just hummed where the lyrics go. Because they suck so bad.

I was going to save this for another 'review' post, but the whole album is pretty much filler. So here it is: Greatest Hits III

Yeah, I said it. I'll say it again. Greatest Hits III sucked. I mean, hell! They've even added three Freddie solo tracks (one of which being a remix of Living On My Own. I admit that it isn't bad if I'm in the mood for 90's dance music, but my point still stands) and a Brian track. Solo projects are called solo projects for a reason! Unless you're counting where Freddie sang Heaven For Everyone or Too Much Love Will Kill You, or where John played bass on How Can I Go On (which is not on GHIII). But those only just barely count.

And then Wyclef Jean butchered/sampled the hell out of Another One Bites The Dust.

I think Gimme The Prize and Don't Lose Your Head both had a ton of intro potential on A Kind Of Magic. Gimme The Prize has what I think is one of the best guitar introductions ever (click here for an awesome cover by satchrulez on Youtube. He's pretty awesome!) but the lyrics don't grip me, and my short attention span can't really move past the 34645069745096560460498 minutes of guitar solo (sorry, Brian!)
I love the music of Don't Lose Your Head, but - again - the lyrics bore me. But that just makes me glad that A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling exists (a sort-of instrumental version of DLYH that's a B-side).

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