22 July, 2010

Because there is nothing more important than this!

As an American, I'm not too familiar with The Daily Mail... because I'm not British and The Daily Mail is... and I will avoid quoting Eddie Izzard, tempting as that is. Anyway! They posted an article of phenomenal importance! Domestic violence, patriarchal standards of beauty physically and emotionally damaging people each and every second of every day, racism, transphobia? THOSE CAN ALL WAIT! Or, THAT KIND OF SHIT CLEARLY DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE UK! Because BRIAN MAY'S GREY HAIR IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ANYONE CAN EVER WRITE ABOUT... EVER!

I mean, what the fuck? He's 63 years old! He's probably been dying his hair for the last 10 or 20 years for all I know. I mean, really? Did they think his hair was never going to change? Mad guitar skills != eternal youth!

And the caption beneath the photo? "The rocker's trademark curls seem finally to have succumbed to the ravages of time." Ummm... I'd say he isn't ravaged at all. Mick Jagger is ravaged. Marlon Brando was ravaged. Michael Jackson... well, nevermind. I'm not going to go there. Considering Brian has been in the rock business since the 70's, and has probably done more drugs than he'd care to admit (not to slander the guy, but I'm not stupid enough to think that he didn't party at any point in his career), he looks pretty good for his age. Hell, most rock stars probably look like that in their 40's once you take away the air brush! I also love that The Daily Mail makes a point of quoting Brian that he thinks people talking about his hair is stupid... and they're writing about it anyway...

... I wonder what's going to happen when someone besides me notices that Brian's hair is thinning.

Age isn't an insult. Especially in the rock business where a lot of musicians don't even make it to 50 (like a certain someone we all should know... That's right, Jimi Hendrix). I think it's good that Brian's letting the grey show. And if anyone wants to rip on him, keep this in mind: He's Brian May. He kicks way more ass than you can comprehend. And that's on his worst day. Cheers, Brian!

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