12 July, 2010

Reviewing my collection, part 3

One of the perks of being a Queen fan is that satisfying feeling one gets when they've got all the albums. The downside is that after owning them for years, after a while they get kind of tedious and maybe a little boring. But then I have the luxury of coming back to them and rejuvenating that joy I felt when I first heard them.

I wonder if John Deacon looks at pictures of himself in the 80's and asks, "Why did I think it was a good idea to have my hair styled that way?!"

The Works is something I've really gotten into lately. I've probably owned it since I was about 14, but even when I first got it I don't recall having loved it as much as I do now. ... However, I find the lyrics in I Go Crazy (B-side) to be extremely problematic, but I'll save that for an entirely separate post. *thinks about it for a second* Yeah, I'm totally going to make a post on that in the future.

Anyway! It's strange. Years ago, I didn't even like Tear It Up, and I didn't particularly care one way or the other about Man On The Prowl. But as of late they've grown on me quite a bit.

What the hell? Man On The Prowl was just a cheap revisiting of Crazy Little Thing Called Love, right?! It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. And now I honest-to-G-d like it!

News Of The World was tricky for me for a while. I have a soft spot in my heart for it because it was the second Queen CD I ever got, but for a long time I felt it was missing that... "fullness" like in every other track I heard (read: a lack of 34758347532453475897 layers of sound Queen was notorious for). But yeah, it's also recently really grown on me. In fact, I'm pretty sure Spread Your Wings is my favorite John track. Don't hold me to that, though. It could change any day.

I did intentionally not listen to this album for a long time, because in the Midwest in the USA, We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions both get really old. Plus, it always infuriated me to hear other people: "I like that song, what is it? The one that goes We will, we will rock you!" But then, I'm that kind of snob that immediately distrusts anyone who declares their favorite Queen song is a Greatest Hit. If you're reading this, chances are you know that there's more to Queen than what you just hear on the radio. And if you don't know that, I don't want to know you.

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