16 August, 2010

I'm sure you already know about this, but...

... it's my blog, I'll post what I want and you will LIKE IT! Or, you'll scroll past it. Either way.

I'm really into cracked.com lately, and this hilarious article on Freddie Mercury is just so fucking awesome. I think the best thing about it is a fake quote, "My mustache gets me all kinds of tail. And I don't even want it!"

Yeah, there's snark and satire and really dumb jokes, but there's love there! And the writers took the time to look up and point out really interesting shit that, in all actuality, is not shit. I just like to swear.

And for those of you raging and foaming at the mouth, you may as well chill out. Freddie picked on himself a lot ("If I still had the hair and fingernails, and wearing all those things I'd look ridiculous. I mean, I looked ridiculous then, but it worked!" - horribly paraphrased quote)

And considering there are pictures of him wearing red and white-striped hot pants with red suspenders, odds are he didn't really take himself too seriously.

See also his outfit for the It's A Hard Life video. The outfit doesn't bother me so much - although let's be real, the eyes are very disturbing - it's always that fucking wig that kills me.

But also, he's Freddie Mercury. Do you really think he'd give a fuck if some comedic website jokingly associated him with crabs? He'd probably just be surprised they didn't make fun of his teeth.

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