25 September, 2010

A few things

First, September 18th marks the 34th anniversary of Queen's free concert in Hyde Park, London.

Here's a really pretty link to go along with that since I really don't think this post can do the date justice. Although I do believe that the seventh and ninth pictures in are from 1977... Anyway, that concert needs to be released on DVD or Bluray or something. I'd totally get a Bluray player for that!

And today marks the 28th anniversary of Queen playing on Saturday Night Live. It's too bad that Freddie's voice was worn out the night before (see Phoebe Freestone's book for details). But still, Queen on SNL!

Thanks a million to gregsynthbootlegs for posting these videos!

And! And! And! That biopic about Freddie! The one that was scrapped in 2007! It's back on and Sasha Baron Cohen is going to play Freddie! You can think what you want, but this guy is a brilliant actor in my opinion. According to this article the film will probably focus on 1975 to 1985.


  1. I can't say I'm happy with SBC being chosen to portray Freddie. I'm not convinced he can do it, I mean as soon as he puts on a mustache he becomes Borat! but hopefully he will do an amazing job and I will be forced to eat my words.

  2. Holy crap! A comment!

    @Guðmunda: It really can go one of two ways. The movie will either be total shit, or it will rock. I confess that I have yet to see Borat, but I did see Bruno and (unfortunately) Sweeney Todd and was very impressed with his performances there. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

  3. yeah I'm not so sure about that casting decision either. I think Johnny Depp was an earlier candidate for that role, and IMHO that would have been better. Evidently that didn't work out - I wonder why? Maybe Johnny Depp was found to have insufficient amount of chest hair, haha.

  4. Honestly, I'm not sure I'd like Johnny Depp to play Freddie. He's a good actor, but I'm tired of him getting cast in roles where he has to be eccentric and flamboyant. I worry he'd consider portraying Freddie as "just another role," where SBC seems to be really amped and invested.