11 November, 2010

Freddie Mercury will make you a soy latte that will rock your world

I was on Facebook earlier and I saw a post from Diesel Cafe that the staff today were dressed as various rock stars, but the one that obviously caught my attention was that someone was apparently dressed as Freddie Mercury. So of course I had to venture out immediately to see if I could get a picture because I had no idea if the person's shift was ending or not... and y'know, I just wouldn't be a creepy stalker if I sat at home not doing anything.

So I got there and, as usual, it was pretty busy. And I immediately spotted a guy wearing a white A-frame shirt and thought, "That has to be the guy." After plucking up some courage, I approached him while he was making drinks and asked if he was dressed as Freddie just to be certain I had the right person. He smiled and said he was, and I asked if it was cool if I could take a picture of him for this blog. And then I proceeded to wait like a creepy stalker until he wasn't making drinks, killing time by texting a couple friends: "I'm at Diesel and there's a guy dressed as Freddie Mercury. And they're playing Mika. It's so awesome!!!"

Eventually he told me when his shift was ending and that I should give him the URL to this blog so that he could post it on Facebook at some point. I'm not going to lie, I also gave him my email address because I'm too much of a wuss to give cute people my phone number. But I digress...

I feel bad for not getting a decent picture of him, but Kyle (that's the guy's name) was a really awesome sport and since he had just ended his shift I didn't want to keep him from whatever else he had going on today.

So if you're reading: thank you again, Kyle for being a badass. And the hot chocolate you made for me was delicious!

*ETA* I didn't order a soy latte, but I thought putting that in the title would make it funnier*

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