23 February, 2011

Intelligent people write intelligent music. Duh.

I happened across this article and thought I should share it with you. I don't say it often enough but I've always enjoyed Roger's wit and words, from his sense of humor to his... uh, everything else he says! And Brian as well, but I think I have a preference for Roger in this category because he's similar to my genuine writing style (you are aware that this blog is sort of a front, right?). But here are the quotes that really jumped out at me in the best ways:

"Respect is a funny thing, if you look for it, you'll be forever disappointed." - Brian May.

“Oh God, we’ve always got stick for everything. People say, ‘You’re mistreating the legacy’, and I think, well, thanks for your concern, but it’s my [fucking] legacy.” - Roger Taylor. Can this please be considered one of the best quotes of all time??

In other news, why do I have the feeling that a musical based on the life of Freddie is going to suck really hard? I mean, I'll definitely see it if the opportunity presents itself, but I'm very jaded and cynical. The promotional poster I've linked to seems to be completely lacking in imagination and doesn't convey just how fucking amazing Freddie was, especially on stage. Not to mention they got to fucking jacket color wrong.

Also, I'm getting really tired of him being considered "The Great Pretender." Yes, he did a fantastic cover version. Yes, Freddie has referred to himself as a great pretender. But frankly, I'm really over it. Although I'm glad he isn't referred much as a gay icon these days. He wasn't necessarily in or out of the closet, but he sure as shit shouldn't be recognized as a gay icon because as far as I know, that's not what he wanted to be known for. Also, he got ripped apart by the critics back in the day. When he was alive, he was considered a talentless, fruitcake hack, but then he died and he was suddenly a fucking genius and a gay icon.

And while I'm at it, when are the journalists going to stop sensationalizing his death? When will Brian and Roger be able to make it in the news without the news mentioning Freddie or asking them questions about him? These guys have been busting their asses for 20 years without Freddie, can they get some fucking accolades without being reminded that their colleague and arguably most interesting co-worker kicked the bucket in 1991? Can't we be happy for what's been accomplished in the last 20 years (even if we cannot agree if those are good things) by the remaining, active members of the band? Shit, there's a fucking musical, they've toured, released albums and songs, etc. all without Freddie and I think that's to be commended. Especially when you consider that most bands can't keep going once key members drop out or die.


  1. well I have a comment re: Brian and Rog being asked about Freddie every time they go out into public light. I think they would have a much easier time with that if they _stopped calling themselves Queen_. It's really annoying to me, that they still insist that they're the band. As far as I'm concerned, this band stopped existing in 1997, when John Deacon walked out (of course, after being dealt a mortal blow by Freddie's death in 1991).

  2. I can respect your opinion, but I think my new stock response to that is Roger's quote :-)

  3. :) and fair enough, that's his legacy - but let's face it, not in the last 19.5 years nor in the rest of his life will Rog do anything even approximating the epicness of his time with Queen :)

  4. Now that you've said it, I hope he does something epic just to spite you :-) I don't think it will be as big as anything he's done with Queen when Freddie was alive, but I think at this point he and Brian can literally do whatever they want with the rest of their days.

    My only complaint is wherever they fail to continue a project. I'm still waiting for Rocks volume 2 and Greatest Video Hits 3.

  5. yah, would certainly be nice to have an official release of the Innuendo videos.