03 March, 2011

I Want It All/We Will Rock You mash-up

I just listened to a bit of the soundtrack for the film, Sucker Punch and... wow.

I thought I was going to hate it because the last time I'd heard any rap artist sample Queen, it made me want to tear my eyes out (Eminem sampling Reaching Out doesn't count since that's not technically by Queen, but damn, that's a good song). I searched all over Google and checked Queenzone's archives and couldn't find it, but I swear Nelly [ETA: It was actually 50 Cent. My bad, Nelly] had sampled the entirety of Greatest Hits '92 about six years ago and it was the biggest piece of self-indulgent shit I had ever come across (I dare say worse than anything Kanye West has ever done). I remember the front cover looked like Greatest Hits, but it was made to look like someone smashed the CD case in, and on the back was a picture of Nelly [50 Cent. Again, my bad] with Freddie's mustache photoshopped on his face. I listened to 30 seconds of it where the opening piano riff to Good Old-fashioned Lover Boy was on a very badly done loop. Somehow Queen was not ruined for me forever.

But this mash-up had me very pleasantly surprised. I think the first thought to pop in my head while listening was: "This is hot!"

However, I think sticking a verse of We Will Rock You in there seemed forced and didn't fit at all with the track. What may have worked better for me would probably be the stomp-stomp-clap during the chorus. But still, this was really amazing. I think I have to go see this movie.

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