16 April, 2011

Further proof that American Idol sucks

So I was doin' my thing, searching for Queen covers on Youtube, and suddenly here's this clip from Idol (Sweden) of this guy rocking the shit out of The Show Must Go On!

Maybe it's because I hate Ryan Seacrest, and it could very well also be how fucking creepy Steven Tyler is, but typically when a contestant on the American version of the show attempts a Queen song, I get super disappointed. Except by Adam Lambert. I love him. By the way, Kris Allen won that year (only because Fox(?) took issue with Adam making out with guys) but I haven't heard from him since then. And Adam Lambert is a big, flaming, perverted success! Fuck yeah!

Dear America, GET OVER IT! This is precisely why Queen lost their popularity in the US with I Want To Break Free and why conservatives today are losing their shit over a boy with painted pink toenails in a J Crew ad!

Anyway, I decided to see how Erik Grönwall's performance of The Show Must Go On compared to Carly Smithson's. Yeah, I like the Swedish guy a hell of a lot more. Jag bugar inför dig, o svenska kungar! (I originally typed in "Swedish Overlords," but Google translated that to "Swedish Gentlemen," so I switched it to "kings")

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