24 April, 2011

One for the kids

I suppose since Queen's music appeals to all ages I should make at least one child-friendly post.

Fun fact time! The voice of Mr Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants is none other than Clancy Brown who played The Kurgan in the film Highlander.

So the guy who voices a cartoon crab that sings this cute little ditty and has an unhealthy obsession with money...

Has also done this Oscar-worthy scene.

By the way, the priest at the end of that clip was played by a Rabbi. Anyway! Now when you're watching Spongebob and your friends giggle over how silly that Mr Krabs is with his frugal ways and breaking US labor laws, you can think of the film Highlander and how the voice of that crab is a fucking murderer/violent rapist... and then soften the blow of that harsh reality by thinking about the stellar use of Queen's music throughout that film. I'm pretty sure it would have failed really hard had Russell Mulcahy not recruited Queen to write some tracks.

Happy Easter, kids! I'm sure I'll be getting angry emails from your parents very soon!

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