27 June, 2011


I finished watching the US premiere of the Days Of Our Lives documentary. I'm awfully glad I caught it on Youtube because the BBC Two version seems less censored (for reals. They fuzzed out the single cover for Fat Bottomed Girls. SHE HAD PAINTED-ON PANTIES, FOR FUCK SAKE!). Also, the US Biography channel doesn't seem to have a sensible rhythm for their commercial breaks.

Still, it's a pretty amazing thing to watch. I tried "pre-gaming" and watched my copy of The Making Of A Night At The Opera, and got through less than ten minutes of the special the A&E channel ran on Freddie in 2009 (thank you, Youtube!) and got bored and annoyed. I've always believed that Queen fans should always be consulted on these things. The narrator mentioned Freddie's father and instead of showing that grainy picture of Freddie sitting with his dad in the 70's, they had a picture of Roger Cooke, Freddie's brother-in-law! Christ! It's one thing to get a date wrong, but holy fucking hell!

Jer Bulsara, Freddie, Bomi Bulsara

Roger Cooke, his and Kash's son, Jer Bulsara, Kashmira Cooke

Note how un-Freddie-like Roger looks! Good god...

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  1. There are Queen fans who think Roger Cooke is Jim Hutton! (the beard.)

    A&E Bio just can't win:P