22 September, 2011

Queen Extravaganza Auditions

I was super stoked to see that auditions are being posted on the Queen Extravaganza site! And then I watched some of the auditions. So far I'm not terribly impressed beyond disgusted and horrified (I go Simon Cowell on everyone's ass when it comes to Queen covers). But!!!


I mean, some of what Roger's said in this article has left a bitter taste in my mouth*, but I'm choosing to be cautiously optimistic and hang in there for as long as I can.

As stated in the comments on my last post (all two of them!), tribute bands are formed out of love. And yeah, in accordance with the rules of music, some bands suck more than others. But it seems really micromanaging to me for Roger to rip a tribute band apart just because they're trying and then say, "Fuck it! I'm picking people for the next tribute band!"

*Queen drummer Roger Taylor was recently in his hometown when he saw a poster that caught his attention. "It said, 'Queen on stage,'" Taylor tells Rolling Stone. "I saw in the very hall where we used to play and there's just the quite bad picture of a band. There are so many of these tribute bands and then there are like orchestral concerts going on featuring music. A lot of these things are not up to scratch and so we want to do it properly."

"...but there are an awful lot of tribute bands, some of them good, some of them not good... It's a big hurdle, [but] this is a way of keeping our music alive and doing it to our standards."

"So we'd like really great looking guys to be in this band." (I'm hoping this has been said in general and he's enthusiastic about auditions from people who don't identify as guys)

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