06 November, 2011


Being a Freddie fan, there is very little that annoys me more than when someone misspells Freddie's name. No joke, you can start to type Freddie's name and Google will fucking spell the rest out for you.

Seriously. If I could get away with it, I'd Cone of Shame everybody who ever spells Freddie's name as "Freddy."

If you're going to audition for Queen Extravaganza, it's one thing if you suck. At least there's the reassurance that you at least want Roger to know how much his band has meant to you. But it's a very different kettle of fish if the description of your audition video misspells Freddie's name. That's just... I don't even know. I'm insulted and I'm just a fan!

Having said that, her audition wasn't the worst I've ever heard.

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