26 December, 2011

Christmas shenanigans

I hope everyone's winter holidays were fantastic.

My grandmother sent me a $50 Amazon giftcard, so I spent some of it on 40 Years Of Queen by Harry Doherty. Its estimated delivery date is either December 30 or 31. It will be a fantastic way to ring in the new year! Cannot wait! While looking through the DVD section to find stuff to add to my general wish list, I came across this:

I've looked at this image at least a dozen times now and it still makes me do a double-take. I wonder if it's actually any good... I also put the Days Of Our Lives documentary on my wishlist. It will be the first blu-ray disc I've ever owned, and all because I want the super extra bonus stuff apparently not on the DVD. I'm such a slut for bonus features. (note to self: buy blu-ray player)

I meant to post earlier this month that I went to a friend's corporate Christmas party hosted by her boss. He had a fabulous home (read: awesome McMansion) that had me and my friends in absolute awe. I even drank some champagne. Not that I drink all that much, but sometimes it's fun for me to remember that I'm above the legal drinking age in the US and I should take advantage - especially if the party host is financially loaded! Lightweight that I am, I got halfway through my glass before I started to feel buzzed (after having eaten a full meal that included REALLY DELICIOUS salmon minutes before). I set the glass down and later went to the bar to get some soda, when what did I find but the brand of champagne being served to all the guests:

Moet et Chandon! I was beside myself with glee and had to take a picture. I have no idea what it cost in the UK in the '70's, but currently in the US, it's about $40.00 a bottle. And I'm sure the more experienced alcohol-drinking guests blew through what I'm guessing had to be something like 20-30 bottles (a very, very conservative estimate). I used to always dream about someday being an adult and buying a bottle to celebrate Freddie's birthday... It doesn't cost anything to dream, thankfully!

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