22 December, 2011

Emerging from the shadows

Wow. So I guess I haven't updated this in a while, eh? Whoops.

Not a lot has been going on that I felt was worth commenting on. "Oh, Queen got another award! Brian was asked about Freddie! Woohoo." But hey - belated hooray for those picked to be in Queen Extravaganza! That's pretty exciting! And this video of Brian holding this hedgehog has totally melted my heart. I've heard he's also no longer using leather guitar straps (can't remember the source). I think it's awesome that he's passionate and concentrates his animal rights activism in ways that aren't just an obnoxious, offensive, and otherwise all out clusterfuck.

I'm also thinking of changing the banner on this blog, and I'd like your opinions if you've got them. Currently it's this:

It's not terrible, but I feel it's a bit too simple. Plus, I feel silly having a blogspot URL on there when I'm also on Tumblr (which links back to blogspot, but still). So I spent some time looking through all my photos and came up with a cheesy collage:

I'm not at all a graphic designer, but you know what? I had fun making it, dammit! And happy fucking holidays to you all!

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