11 June, 2012

Pre Queen Extravaganza show

Tonight I'm going to see Queen Extravaganza at the House of Blues in Boston. I'm so excited but also terrified for two reasons: this and this.

In the first video, it's highlighted bits from the band's rehearsal in the studio and Jennifer Espinoza is shoved to backing vocals. I like Marc Martel, but I really hope Jennifer gets as much time in the spotlight as him since she's a (damn good) vocalist as well.

I'm rooting for you, Jennifer! Even if I am so RIDICULOUSLY jealous of you in that picture!

The second video is QE's performance on American Idol. Please, if someone knows for sure, confirm that that video shouldn't have me the least bit worried!! I don't know if Brian and Roger emerging on stage was for that particular audience, but if that's going to happen now and again for this tour, I'm really concerned. Roger started his search for the best tribute band because supposedly the rest aren't quite up to snuff. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some that I'm not too fond of, but then there are those who are fucking amazing (see my links). If Queen Extravaganza is carefully hand-selected to be the best, then why the hell are Queen getting on stage with them?

What I like about tribute bands - specifically the idea of them - is that the good ones are good on their own merit and their audiences already know the songs that they're playing. Yes, they're influenced by the bands that they're performing, but they gain popularity and sell tickets and booze (if they perform in a bar) because they're talented. My worry is the possibility that Brian and/or Roger could pop on stage at anytime. On one hand, that would be AWESOME, but on the other - you guys, this is supposed to be the tribute band that puts every other to shame, and the possibility of the original band showing up is a slap in the face. Other tribute bands, even the damn good ones, didn't have the luxury of Brian and Roger holding on to the backs of their bicycles, they had to peddle and hope they didn't fall over and scrape their knees. If Brian and Roger think that their band can't sell tickets on their own, that's a huge problem for me. I hope I'm wrong, and the American Idol thing was just specifically for the show - even if Brian and Roger performing right in front of me in person would be a massive dream come true! I honestly do have high hopes for tonight, I promise!

Anxiety aside, I'm really excited about tonight! The last time I was at a big-deal concert venue was ten years ago (my uncle had an extra ticket to see Korn. I don't actually like them, but it was something teenagers do and I wanted to seem normal)! And this time I'm going to enjoy the music, dammit! And be surrounded (hopefully) by other Queen fans, dammit! I'll report back after the concert and hopefully have decent pictures!

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  1. Interesting viewpoint.
    Now I, who is only slightly younger than Brian and Rog, was so fortunate to see Queen in St. Louis 3 times in the 'old days' with Freddie.

    The promised surprises and shocks that Roger hinted at had me dreaming hopefully that one of them would pop on stage so that I could see them again. I checked back at the sound board often, all night.

    I was only momentarily disappointed as I was thrilled by the performances I saw that night, and now I dream optimisticly of seeing The Queen Extravaganza make a return trip to St. Louis in the near future. I WILL be there, again.