10 October, 2012

Reviewing my collection: format change

A while ago, I used to post about some of my stuff in no particular order because I didn't have anything better to post. But I miss posting here and I think I'm going to start giving each piece its own post.

I've covered it a bit before, but I want to start with Hot Space.

Let's go!

Did you see what I did there? Did the song Dancer just pop into your head?

I'm not sure where you stand, but I do love this album. The first time I heard any bits of it that wasn't Under Pressure was on Magic Years volume 2. There was a clip of Las Palabras De Amor and Staying Power from their Milton Keynes show. Imagine my surprise when I learned the recorded version of Staying Power wasn't that fast-paced or heavy!

But you know what? The recorded version is cool, too. I have a preference for the live version, but I also have a preference for Freddie's voice when his vocal cords aren't almost completely obliterated, so...

(Freddie's voice still rocked at that performance, though)

I like how Brian and Roger kept in with the album's format while still doing what they were comfortable with. i.e. the guitar solo in Dancer, Action This Day as a whole, etc. What annoys me is everyone puts the blame on Freddie for the synthesizers, but if I remember correctly, Roger introduced them to Freddie while they were recording The Game. Granted, around the time Queen were recording Hot Space, it was arguably the peak of Freddie's clubbing days (and Paul Prenter, Freddie's former personal assistant) that pushed for a dance-oriented album.

But just think of the consequences of Freddie not getting his way on this project or any other: Queen would probably just keep making the same sound, tunneling their way into obscurity, being the Nickelback of the 1970s.

Is this really what you want for the greatest band in the world???

So Hot Space is looking pretty damn good to you former nay-sayers right now, isn't it? Moving on!

I like Back Chat because it demonstrates John's talent. Aside from bass, he also plays rhythm guitar, synths, and electric piano. I guess he and Brian had an argument over whether there was going to be a guitar solo in there. Clearly Brian won because there it is.

The video is "meh" for me. As is the live version. I think it's too boring for the stage.

There was a long, long time where I couldn't listen to Body Language or watch the video. Same thing with Get Down, Make Love on News Of The World. That's probably in large part due to the fact that I don't have sexual crushes on any members of Queen. Although a disproportionate number of my pictures of Freddie in the 1970's have him wearing leather, so maybe that says more about me than I'm willing to acknowledge...

But the track is good. The bass line is catchy and synthetic, and the video is ridiculously tame by today's standards. And a bit weird. What was that cake all about???

I'm going to skip a few tracks because some of them will probably derail this whole post. I may add them later.

Cool Cat is my favorite track on here. John plays every instrument on here and it's really brilliant. I probably sing along to this more than the others, even if I can't sing falsetto.

Under Pressure is an awesome song. The end.

Moral of the story: Nickelback sucks.

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