28 October, 2013

October is awesome, revisited

Between meeting my counterpart, meeting and getting Brian May's autograph, going to see Gunpowder Gelatine at the end of the month, getting a LOT of Tumblr followers (hi, folks!), and my cat willingly sitting in my lap yesterday (she's snuggly, and she'll curl up on my chest, but laps have never seemed to be her thing), I thought I had raked in all the awesome possible for this month! But then I got an email this morning from a friend I pet sit for, offering to buy me a ticket to We Will Rock You in Boston!

Hello, Zander --
Are you interested in seeing the play, "We Will Rock You"? It is playing at the Boston Opera House.
Discounted tickets are available right now on Goldstar and Toni and I would like to give you a mezzanine ticket as a cat-sitter-thank-you. The date available is Tues., Nov. 5th at 7:00pm.
But we understand if you don't want to go alone, or hoof it into the city solo, or if the date does not work for you, so don't feel obligated to say yes.

Tell me what works for you!

My cool and dignified response...



I'm a believer in karma, so now I'm wondering what I did to deserve such wonderful friends and opportunities. I'm also wondering if maybe something terrible is about to happen (not counting Lou Reed's passing yesterday. RIP) and my interpretation of G-d is trying to soften the blow! But I'm trying to put my cynicism aside, ignore the pervasive thoughts that come with debilitating anxiety and depression, and appreciate what's happening.

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