04 December, 2013

Some really cool art

I love when people ask me to promote their stuff on my blog. It makes me feel legit!

So Nick Palmer (hi, Nick!) emailed me with a press release and some really kickass work he's been doing. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't post it, but I think it's really clever! Certainly more interesting and creative than most of the official cover art these days! In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the most egregious offender:

What kind of a lazy-ass... You know what? No. I'm not getting into that here. On with the good stuff!

Each song is represented by its audio signature, or waveform, which is wrapped in a circle around the title. This results in a composition reminiscent of a vinyl record.

A small amount of ‘silence’ is inserted at the start and end of the waveform and positioned where the needle would fall on a record player. This silence also serves to draw the eye from the title in the centre to the lyrics at the bottom right.

For many people these songs defined a moment in time, a special part of their lives that will always be evoked by the music. Tuneloop captures that feeling and expresses it with colours based on the original single or album artwork. - Nick

All Tuneloop editions are hand-pulled screen prints made using the finest archive quality inks on 100% cotton, mould-made Somerset Satin paper.

All art on Tuneloop is £85 plus shipping and packaging, and can be shipped anywhere! That's pretty convenient for those who celebrate winter holidays where gifts are exchanged! Also, they're limited edition, so the pressure is ON! You can see more pictures of all sets here.

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