04 April, 2014

Classic Rock April 2014 issue

Maybe in mid-March I came across something on my Facebook feed about Classic Rock magazine featuring an article on the making of Queen II. It immediately became my mission to get my own copy because Queen II is my favorite album ever. I decided that I'd go look for it on Monday, since I would be venturing out for an appointment anyway. Out Of Town News was the obvious first place to look since it sells magazines from all over, and that's where I got my copies of Mojo and Guitar Player in December 2010 and February 2012 respectively.

No luck there. So when I got to The Landmark Center in Boston, I decided to stop on the second floor to look through their news stand. It turned out to be a misnomer. They sold candy and gum, but not magazines or newspapers... I'm still actually really baffled by that. My mission was then amended to Personal Challenge status, and - still having time before my appointment - I ducked into the bathroom to Google where else I might possibly find Classic Rock. Google told me to consult Barnes & Noble, and there was a location at the Prudential Center.

I called them to make sure it was available, and I was told to check in again on Friday when they'd be getting new magazines in stock. Then I was told to call again in a few more days, etc. until someone finally told me that they wouldn't actually get it until April. Assuming I first spoke to someone who's worked there long enough, it would have been nice to know that sooner. But! In any case, my apologies to that Barnes & Noble location for constantly calling, and a sincere thank-you to them for not showing any signs of frustration over me!

Anyway, I finally managed to get a copy today! I'm kind of bummed that Slash is on the cover, as I had my eye on the cool-looking one. Maybe that version is UK-specific? Because the USA can't have nice things?

I plan on reading the article later - provided my attention span will actually let me!

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