07 June, 2014

Gunpowder Gelatine with Bikini Whale and Pretendica

I went to a really fun show at Johnny D's last night. Boston finally got more reasonable with their late-night public transportation, so I was able to stick around for the whole thing instead of having to leave after Gunpowder Gelatine's set.

I put myself in my usual spot right in front of the stage, which is always risky because it's on the dance floor, I can't always balance so well, and drunk people who want to dance are notorious for having zero spacial awareness. I get knocked into at least once every gig. But this time - I don't know if there was some sort of conference or written agreement or something - not only did I not get knocked into, I also got a small personal bubble!

What was also really nice was Gunpowder Gelatine's Queen medley. It was put together really well and kept me on my toes :-) I didn't even try to get pictures of them because I always manage to suck at it, but I'm counting on my acquaintance John (hi, John!) to upload some of the videos he took to make up for that.

I also ran into this dude again! I didn't recognize him without the fake mustache! Maybe someday I'll be able to remember his name!

I asked him if he wanted me to take a better picture, but he said this one was fine.

I also had the pleasure of meeting someone who's sure they're a bigger Queen fan than me and Allison (bass player for Gunpowder Gelatine, for those just tuning in). I showed them that picture of me and Brian May (I downloaded it to my phone) to indicate that I accept their challenge! It's their move now!

Also playing last night was Pretendica - a Pretenders/Elastica tribute - and Bikini Whale - a B-52s tribute. Both were a lot of fun and amazing, but my disdain for the song Love Shack hasn't wavered (retail-related incident involving a broken CD system playing that song over 10 times in my six-hour shift... which was spent at the register directly under one of the ceiling speakers). And it was amusing watching people on the dance floor from a booth in the corner. Some of them were legit dancing, and others... probably should have been cut off about two beers ago...

The only downside to the evening was having to pay $6 for a rum and Coke. I don't tend to drink at bars, so maybe that's a reasonable price, but still! If there was going to be a damper in my evening, I'm glad that was it!

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