10 July, 2014

Queen Christmas in July

I got two packages in the mail today! The first one was the Flash Gordon T-shirt I ordered from eBay.

I snatched it up specifically because the lightning bolt on the back is like the original. There's a ringer tee that has a different lightning bolt, but it's always made me cringe.

... Yeah, no.

My Only complaint about mine is that it's not a proper ringer tee like in the Flash Gordon movie, but I'm otherwise very pleased!

The next package was from John (hi, John!) who I met through Facebook. After I accepted his friend request, he told me he was selling off his collection and invited me to take a look. I found a lot of really neat stuff, but what caught my attention were an unauthorized comic book and an A Day At The Races sticker. Not only did John pay the $5 shipping (since we're both in the US), he also threw in a 7" vinyl single I Want It All! I messaged him asking if he had accidentally thrown that in, and would he like me to return it or pay for it, but he threw it in for free! I won't be getting over that anytime soon!

I'll also need to eventually get a record player, but that will have to wait.

I saw the comic book cover online ages ago and really liked it (still do), so I was intrigued by what the comic itself might look like.

You guys...

Click for a larger size if you dare.

You guys, holy shit. It's in an infinite "so terrible that it's awesome" loop!

I just...


Anyway! There's more for me to look forward to this month! In 12 days (TWELVE. DAYS.), my counterpart is coming to Boston from New York City so we can see Queen + Adam Lambert, and my friends Allison and Amanda will be there as well! We're planning on getting together beforehand since our seats are far apart (I got Audrey and I tickets in a section in front of the catwalk!!!). I'm wondering what will happen when we gather in one spot. Like our collective love of Queen will cause a ripple effect, drastically altering the tides and slightly reposition the planet :-P But seriously, I'm also really nervous that the Boston show hasn't sold out, and so if there's to be another US tour in the future (there's speculation that this may be the last Queen tour ever, but we'll see) they may not want to come back.

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