21 December, 2016

The Freddie Mercury Story: Who Wants To Live Forever

I just finished watching this and OMG! The reenactments continuously jumped between "So bad, they're good," and, "Bad. Just really bad!"

I appreciated the actor playing Freddie (John Blunt) clearly wanting to do right by Freddie, but the writing, other actors, and probable budget and licensing issues made me pause a few times because, "That's not what Freddie's Garden Lodge bedroom looked like! ... Freddie didn't smoke in 1975! ... That's not how the conversation went down when he and Mary broke up! ... etc." And then there was the one astonishingly TERRIBLE attempt at a New York/American accent! Although that might be a dig at every time an American tries any sort of English accent...

But I think some of the Queen fandom will rejoice when they see how Freddie and Roger act in this. Like the writers saw all the internet posts that have ever shipped Freddie and Roger and were like, "let's do a not-so-subtle nod to that!"

Here's a Youtube link for anyone who wants to see this in all its... glory? I guess?


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