26 July, 2017

Queen + Adam Lambert, Boston 2017

There are no words that can convey the joy and thrill of seeing Queen and Adam Lambert AGAIN!

My friend George (hi, George!) was originally planning to come with me, but that couldn't pan out, so my friend Allison and I sat together instead. But George and a few of my other friends were definitely there with me in spirit!

I bought two tickets back in February and was fairly certain that me and George would have been at the very last row of our section (Section B), but fate decided to smile upon me again and... well, this was how close me and Allison were to the end of the catwalk!

I had an amazing time seeing them back in 2014, and I really enjoy the pictures I took, but I felt like I had focused too much on getting pictures and not just enjoying the show. So I vowed to do that this time! I took some shots with my cell phone, and they're blurry, but I like them!

One of my favorite parts of the show was Adam calling out the Bastard Queen Fans who like to be pissy because "Adam's not Freddie Mercury." His eloquent response to that was, "Yeah, no shit!" I personally ran into two of those folks before the show. One of them was behind me and Allison at the concert, and he saw my phone's wallpaper (Wembley Freddie) and said, "That's the real singer! Adam's not the real singer!" At some point Allison and I had to turn to correct him when he told the people he was with(?) that John Deacon had died. I was super worried this guy was going to be a repeat of the fucker from 2014 who kept spouting incorrect trivia and talking through "Love Of My Life".

Thankfully, he was very easy to ignore during the show!

To help myself prepare for maximum fun for the concert, I avoided reading setlists, only stuck to reading review headlines (all of which are overwhelmingly positive), and didn't listen to any Queen for a little over a week. I was torn about whether to listen to Adam's new single, "Two Fux", because I didn't know if I wanted to be able to sing along or not. I chose to not listen beforehand in case I'd fall into a tour news rabbit hole. It's a fun track! Give it a listen if you haven't yet!

When Brian made his way to the end of the catwalk and was handed his acoustic, I was able to move a bit closer. I had been waiting for so long to feel that connection between Brian and fans during "Love Of My Life" AND I FINALLY GOT IT! I was finally right in it! And while he wasn't looking my way, I didn't feel any separation from the experience! In between verses, he noticed some folks had their phone lights on, so jokingly asked, "Did some of you bring your mobiles?" and the next thing I knew, fucking EVERYONE'S phones lit up! It's not the same as using a lighter, but it's a different kind of beautiful.

Brian didn't bring out his selfie stick in 2014, and I had thought that was indication that he wasn't having a good time at that show. But when he addressed us this time he spoke with such warmth and sincerity, that I probably worried for nothing. I can't wait for him to post the picture!

I didn't get a super great look at Roger last time, so I made sure to get plenty of shots this time! It was so great getting to actually see him!

The whole show was amazing! I'm so glad I got to go and share it with people!

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