11 June, 2010

Choir geekiness

It figures that the one a capella version of Bohemian Rhapsody that I really like is performed by a fictional show choir.

The season finale of Glee had New Directions' rival, Vocal Adrenaline, perform (with Jonathan Groff singing lead vocals) ... Jonathan Groff is that guy from Spring Awakening. He's super talented. And hot. Let's not forget that part.

See? Fucking adorable!

I wanted to talk about this earlier, but I needed to wait until the episode aired PST and I could get a good-quality sound on a YouTube video.

Glee's also done Somebody To Love (also really awesome) and Another One Bites The Dust (kind of boring, in my opinion. But maybe that was intentional to drive the plot in that particular episode), but I think BoRhap tops it. And I was skeptical at first. Most choirs and a capella groups, try as they might, manage to piss me off all the same. Maybe it's because I was a total choir geek from grades 6-12. Maybe because most choral arrangements fuck with they key signatures, tempo, etc. And then there's the issue of performers lacking the passion of the music. I think the main problem is that most people in choir are vocally trained. Freddie was not vocally trained (although he did get some tips from Montserrat Caballe` when they worked on Barcelona) so he'd wreck his voice, whereas people with vocal training don't tend to do that. And as a result, you can either get something that sounds pretty good... or like total crap.

The show Glee tends to piss me off with their fucked up stances on disability, fat acceptance, feminism, each character not being the least bit consistent or solid, etc. but I always come back to it - probably because I was a choir geek, and to some extent I still am.

... And while we're on the subject of Glee, and I can't help myself, and Jane Lynch is so awesome (and a fabulous, openly-queer icon)...

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