11 June, 2010

Holy crap! People read this now!

Before I get started, hi new followers I didn't have to ask to follow me! Your presence is appreciated!

Queenzone is a great site. I've been a member for years, sometimes participating in great discussion forums, sometimes staying away for several months because I just can't handle the stupidity like, "I say we all buy tickets to the Cosmos Rocks tour... AND THEN BURN THEM! BECAUSE PAUL RODGERS SUCKS!"

Although sometimes the stupid can be fun. I don't watch Reality TV so on occasion I just can't help but read and/or participate. My favorite so far has to be someone sincerely believing that Brian May's dislike of the track Don't Stop Me Now was because he was homophobic. ... I'm still raging about that. First off, Brian worked with Freddie for 20+ years. They've performed on stage together 704 times. That's 704 times where Freddie got all up in Brian's personal space. Secondly, let's not forget Freddie's infamous 38th birthday party (the Living On My Own video) which Brian attended... dressed as a witch. Freddie's parties tended to be really fucking gay (not meant in an insulting way).

I know homophobic people. Homophobic people would not want to be around Freddie Mercury. I know a guy who claims to have walked out at the end of a US Queen concert because Freddie was rocking the short shorts! I'm willing to entertain the possibility that Brian might be conservative about homosexuality, but he sure as shit isn't homophobic.

Anyway... Queenzone! It looks impressive and fancy, but there's a couple things that have bothered me for a long time. First, the picture galleries. Members can submit pictures of the band and the shit's not moderated. As of today, the Freddie Mercury gallery alone holds 5661 pictures... but how many of those are repeats? Not to mention, some pictures are mis-categorized.

Okay, Freddie rocking the crown and cape. I've probably seen this 50 times in the entire gallery.

Second, the site routinely experiences server crashes. My guess is it has a lot to do with people being fucking stupid about the pictures. And maybe the server itself is just crappy. Who knows? It's kind of my really geeky dream to have Richard Orchard email me and ask me to sift through all the picture galleries and moderate everything. That would be really tedious and awesome!

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