03 June, 2010

I'll shut up about this eventually

I finally listened to the Absolute Narrative disc that came with the book (the one where Brian and Roger provide commentary). It's pretty wonderful. The tracks were cut down, because I guess there's only so much they can say per song, but it was still awesome. And informative!

For example: I learned that the rhythm guitar in Another One Bites The Dust was actually done by John! And I am a better person for knowing that. Not just a better Queen fan - better person.

I'd actually really love it if Brian and Rog provided commentary for all their studio albums. I guess a bit of the void is already filled, because I did order The Making Of A Night At The Opera. I really like documentary stuff on Queen, okay?? But I think my favorite in that category is Magic Years volume 2. Probably one of the greatest moments of my life was when I had that VHS tape on a ridiculously loud volume during the part about their fan base in Japan, and I finally found out that the music in the background during the press conference was Father To Son in a different key. ... I was 12 and my sound-enhancing equipment was the volume button on the TV. Give me a break!

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