04 June, 2010

I will be your Sherpa up the mountain... of gayness

I guess what I'm trying to very gently say to people who insist that Freddie was bisexual, is that he was gay. And you know what? That doesn't invalidate his relationships with the few women he's dated, he was still awesome... and really?! You seriously thought he was bisexual?!

Freddie rocking the infamous "gay clone" look while wearing leather hot pants didn't raise any flags for you?

... Not that wearing leather is an indicator of homosexuality. Wearing leather is an indicator of wearing leather... or being into "leather" (euphemism for BDSM). That's another assumption that pisses me off. Leather != gay!

There's no way - there's just no fucking way...

And now, for the big guns: Listen to See What A Fool I've Been (probably nsfw) on the CD release of Queen II.

That having been said, I know of Freddie's relationship with at least one girl in college, Mary Austin, and Barbara Valentin. And I sincerely believe that those relationships were legit, genuine, and meaningful. But plenty of gay-identified folks have had at least one heterosexual relationship, be it to appear "normal" by society's standards, internalized homophobia, fear of being ostracized from religious community or family, or access to benefits not allowed to same-sex couples or single people, etc. And before someone says something like, "See? The damn queers are ruining the sanctity of marriage!" here's a video that is nsfw, but explains Biblical marriage!

So Freddie was gay, the Pope is Catholic, the sun rises and sets. What else is new?

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