24 November, 2010

19 years

Yep. 19 years ago today around 19:00 London time, we lost the greatest singer in the world. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said by millions of others since 1991, but I will say that Freddie Mercury is my hero and means everything to me.

And to you, dear reader, I impart this wisdom: If you engage in sexual activities or plan to in the future, PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR PARTNER(S)! I'm talking polyurethane/latex condoms, lubricant, barriers, dental dams, gloves, enthusiastic consent from all involved, make sure you and all parties are clear-headed, ensure that there are no cuts or abrasions on any part of your body which may become exposed to another person's junk or orifices, get tested regularly, know your status, disclose anything your partner(s) may need to know, etc! If you cannot afford safe sex supplies, go to your local clinic or doctor and they will at least give you condoms and lube! I realize this sounds like an awful lot, but you deserve to be around for as long as possible and if you're able to give a damn about yourself and other people, this is all well worth knowing and putting into practice!

Okay, back to Freddie. I like to think he made me a better person. He got me into singing, through his stage persona and what's known about his personal life, he told me it was okay to be a queer man before I even knew I was a queer man. And eventually, if one can endure the hell that is navigating childhood and adolescence while being not-straight, trans, and/or gender-nonconforming, you can make your life yours and fabulous. We won't all get to be musicians who could afford the finer things in life, but we can all be amazing and fuck everyone else if they don't like it!

Please, by all means, if there's another AIDS charity you'd rather give your hard-earned cash... But because this blog revolves around Queen, it would be really fucking awesome if you could keep The Mercury Phoenix Trust going strong by donating to them. Even if it's only a dollar/pence/whatever your currency, that's one closer to better education, research, medication and a cure than they were before!

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