29 December, 2010

I wish I could smack people over the internet

Ah, Youtube! A haven for some of the dumbest shit you're ever likely to see or read. And that's just the comments!

I was looking around for cover versions of Queen songs when I stumbled on this version of Don't Stop Me Now by Salcuk Sami Cingi and one particular comment made me crack up:

 lol nice tried, NO EFFENCE though but WOo! stop there, you're not even close to freddy's voice! i understand its a fun fun movie (to put it in your words) but common the beginning was ok then it all goes wrong,
There is only ONE man who can sing this song right... thats FREDDY FOREVER! - raydendj

Yes, I posted their Youtube user name, but not so anyone can go and start a flame war. I just wanted to shame that person.

First of all, it isn't a perfect cover, but it's also not terrible. Cut the guy some damn slack. Have you ever tried singing this? It's not as easy as Freddie makes it seem! Secondly, 90% of people who post disparaging remarks on the internet are fucking morons (and 67% of all statistics are made up). And third, how the hell is anyone supposed to take that comment seriously when the person can't be fucking bothered to spell Freddie's name correctly?! The spelling errors also irk me, but I'm chalking that up to the possibility that English is not their first language.

And for fuck sake! I get it! Freddie's the greatest singer in the world and anyone who so much as sings Queen in the shower should be shot on sight! Does anyone stop to consider that people who do covers don't try to be the next Queen or Freddie (except Robbie Williams)?

But as I said, this version isn't perfect. Not in a "he sounds nothing like Freddie" way, but in a "I think he could have done a little better" way. For one, I think he should work on the "Mr Fahrenheit" notes. And then there's the changing of the lyric so he doesn't have to sing "super sonic man out of you." If your sexual orientation is threatened by a lyric, then maybe you shouldn't sing the song at all. In Los Lobos' cover of Sleeping On The Sidewalk (which is pretty terrible), the line, "And I was sleeping like a princess" was changed to "And I was sleeping like a king." It's understandable, since singing certain song lyrics can determine and change one's gender or sexual orientation... oh wait, NO IT CAN'T!

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