26 January, 2011

Random stuff

Queen will be re-releasing their first five albums on March 14th!!! I cannot wait! And starting in February, I'll be repurchasing my CDs and DVDs anyway so it's really excellent timing.

Also, the Stormtroopers In Stilettos site is finally launched! If you're going to be in London's East End on February 25th, go check this out for me! It's free!

I also found out through Queenzone that the Official Queen Fanclub launched their new site. I think this makes four designs and layouts that I've witnessed now. Maybe five? Anyway, it looks great so far. It's strange to think about what it used to look like back in the days when the coolest thing you could have online was a Flash animation that took ages to load on dial-up. AOL 4.0 still haunts my dreams...

And filming is going to begin on that Freddie Mercury biopic later this year. I'm not so excited about the We Will Rock You film adaption, though. The musical never really wowed me to begin with, and I haven't seen it, but musicals adapted for the film very rarely turn out well. We'll just have to wait and see how that pans out, won't we? But I'm very excited about the Freddie Mercury movie while still being aware that it could crash and burn horribly. If it does, it will not be Sacha Baron Cohen's fault!


  1. Great blog! I think we are in for a great year for Queen. I am however, a little disappointed at seeing the bonus tracks. Having said that, as long as they are remastered like a bastard, then i probably won't care. It's been a very long time coming

  2. Yeah, I'm getting really fed up with stuff from Wembley or Milton Keynes or anything else readily available getting added as bonus tracks on other stuff. Bonus tracks should be special and exciting.

  3. I must say I am looking forward to hearing Queen 1 remastered. When Hollywood records re-released them in 91 it was fantastic, but what they can do now with the recordings will be stunning. I think i am excited about Queen 1 more than the others in the first batch.

  4. I think Queen I and II are going to be especially amazing since the band complained that the drums never sounded big enough. It's going to be hellacrazywicked awesome!!!