25 March, 2011


I'm convinced that every other member of Queenzone is a troll.

A thread I've contributed to this week about casting for the Freddie Mercury biopic has this... uh, lovely exchange:

Person A said:
I don't like Baron Cohen, he's too tall to play Freddie.

I responded saying that that's like saying they don't want Jamie Foxx to play Ray Charles just because he's sighted. Person A responded thusly:

But you wouldn't cast Brad Pitt as Ray Charles (or as Freddie). It's a physique du role thing.

(See? It's like Freddie was in the middle of rocking out when suddenly...)

Just to be clear...

Ray Charles

Brad Pitt

... The fuck?? I mean... just... the fuck?? If you'll excuse me, I need to go find my faith in humanity. Funny how I lose it when I become active on Queenzone.

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