27 March, 2011

A rant about Freddie

I touched on this here but I felt compelled to go deeper and get a bit personal. Bear with me, I wrote this at a writing workshop last week.

It's been recently suggested that Freddie Mercury might be alive today if he had lived to see the year 1992 where I guess there was this sudden boom in effective AIDS treatments and medications. Part of me does think that it would be pretty awesome if he were around today, but only just because he wouldn't be dead.

Freddie Mercury is my hero and probably my biggest influence in life, but you know what? A lot of people died just before effective medication was readily available. And to think "Oh, if only they'd held in there, they might be fine!" is an insult. AIDS is a painful, agonizing virus. And the meds that are available in 2011 don't typically have you feeling so great, so I can only imagine the shit being given to patients in the 80's and early 90's were all sorts of fucked up. And let's see, by the time Freddie died, he was blind, couldn't do anything for himself, couldn't breathe, his friends and family watched him deteriorate and they were forced not to tell their loved ones what was going on, and he was in constant pain. But yes, He was a fucking dick for making the decision to leave.

If only that prick had kept putting himself and the people around him through hell, he might eventually get better so he could do it all over again at a later date. Because, let me tell you, it's so much fucking fun to see someone you love and care about go up and down with their health and wonder if maybe this time they're going to die!

When I started dating my ex (who is alive and healthy, I might add), one of the first things I had to get used to was that the shit that a body with a healthy immune system fights off every day can hurt and weaken and possibly kill someone if their T-cell count is low enough. So yeah, let's all keep resenting Freddie for not pushing through. Nevermind what he was dealing with emotionally and physically for years, he's pissed off many a fan for choosing to die quietly and that's just so much worse than anything any other human being has done, isn't it?!

"Hey, Freddie. I know you're clearly on your way out, but could you maybe hang around until medicine advances so you can keep entertaining us?" - Queen fans who clearly have no idea how much it sucks to have AIDS.

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