29 March, 2011


A search on Youtube made me aware of a Glee version of Fat Bottomed Girls just now and I'm not totally sure how to feel about it.

I used to love the show when it first started, but I've since broken up with it for a multitude of reasons (the one that stands out the most for me is ableism, but there's more of a mess than I can currently list)

But yeah. The cover itself is... I'm not sure. There's some bits of the vocal work that I like, but at the same time it sounds like Puck doesn't really give a shit. "Yeah, okay. Here's where I sing 'get on your bikes and ride!'... did the check for this clear yet?" And if I'm not mistaken, the background vocals are auto-tuned, which is totally my issue, but it doesn't sound right to me.

That said, one of my favorite covers of this song is by a fucking amazing band called Coyote Grace. Check them out. I hope you won't be disappointed.

But to keep perspective, there are worse covers out there (only because I hate Kid Rock).

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