10 April, 2011

Poetry and art and stuff

I got an email this morning from Eminor Publishing telling me about a collection of poems and art called Thomas Kent - An Art Book by Eliza Witte. It's dedicated to Freddie, which I'm assuming is the reason it was emailed to me, and the cover of the book is the door to the gate of Garden Lodge. From what few pieces I've seen on Amazon, it looks pretty fantastic.

Although I must say that my favorite poet is Rachel K Zall. For real. Check her out. When she's not being a kickass poet, she's being a kickass advocate for the Boston trans community. And she also got me into The Mountain Goats!

Support the (good) arts! If you don't, you get shit like:

and this fucking awful mess!

I very strongly encourage folks to email me anything they think I'd be interested in (it's a really wide range, try me!) or if you might want to discuss stuff one-on-one, etc. Despite how I may come across, I'm really nice and enjoy interacting with people - especially other Queen fans!

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