18 May, 2011

Great King Rat

I've got so much going on this week that I will not be able to post on the 21st, so I wanted to acknowledge Great King Rat early rather than late.

I probably first heard this song when I was about 13, and I remember being in complete shock that I heard Freddie sing the word "whore." Not that I hadn't heard swears before. Cursing runs in my family, but there was a point where I had it in my head that the band were somehow above using such language (some used to argue that swearing meant low intellect - which is fucking horse shit). I was also convinced that Queen didn't do drugs of any sort.

Those are the collective glossy eyes of sobriety!

I think it's not too far from the truth to say that Freddie's not completely fucked up during this performance, but isn't it pretty fantastic? Admittedly it gets weird in the middle.

And Freddie's totally not coked out of his skull in the Las Palabras De Amor video. Nope. No sir. And Roger was just tired. Yep, that's right. Just tired. Yes, kids - Freddie was a fan of cocaine, though I cannot say to what extent. And Roger... I'm not totally sure about him. But hanging out with Steven Tyler can only weaken the case.

Anyway, happy birthday and RIP to Great King Rat!

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