09 May, 2011

Do not underestimate the awesome of kids

When it comes to music, some people (of all ages) suck. I include myself in that. But then you do a random search on Youtube for a live version of Brighton Rock and you come across something pretty damn impressive. And yeah, I'm aware that this performance is not perfect, and before you may decide to tear each kid apart for whatever they may be doing wrong, ask yourself this: what have you done lately that's so fucking special?

It's cool, I'll wait.

... That's what I thought. Anyway, this particular group is the Paul Green School Of Rock. Y'know, sort of like the movie.

I so would have hung out with this kid when I was their age! I don't care, that kid's badass. ... And just because I can.

And speaking of badass... But I should end this on a Queen video.

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